Day 31 Forty Thousand Horse Stalls

Read: 1 Kings 4.26 (NRSV)
Solomon’s kingdom had a lot of residual waste that went with his lavish success. We have layers and layers of experiences with all the different hats of responsibility we wear. Thankfully, some of those layers come off with a good bath. But most took years to build up and won’t come off overnight. Sometimes God shoots right to the heart of the matter when we are confronting grief, loss, or disaster. Most of the time think we will tackling things one layer at a time, but life seldom gives us that leisurely opportunity.

King Solomon builds alliances with other countries that give stability and prosperity during his reign. His efforts were much like one spinning plates on the end of poles. Instead of enjoying life, we are too busy spinning the plates to avoid catastrophe. The more success we strive to find, the more plates we think we need to spin. Eventually, the plates fall.

Is everything we are doing necessary for the good and faithful life we seek. The season of pandemic helped us see some priorities. We live in a culture and land of abundance. Will abundance make us joyful, loving, kind, generous, and at peace with ourselves, neighbors, and God? We use a majority of the world’s resources. Are we practicing extravagant generosity along with our great success? Are there things we would rather share with God and others than our spinning plates of science, politics, and technology? Are there things we can find release and make more room for God to work through us? Certainly! Practice breaking the cycles of wealth, power, and correctness that the world demands, and exchange that life for God’s vision for your life.

Action Plan: Clean out an area or room. Remember God always desires to forgive, renew, and clean our
hearts. Practice cleaning one area at your home or workplace as a redemptive action. Use that time, energy, and space for God to claim your attention.

Prayer: O God, unclutter my life and let me live in your fullness.

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