3rd Sunday Sabbath Rest – Prayer Posture

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Building Spiritual Posture – Photo on Pexels.com

READ Deuteronomy 9.18 (NRSV)   Listen to this podcast on Anchor here

When you pray this week, pay attention to your posture. Do you sit, stand, kneel, or lay down? If you do not have a pattern, it can be good to pick one to be your cue and reminder to pray each day. Part of the Lenten journey is developing good spiritual habits. With small daily choices to make prayer a priority, you will easily get into a routine. For others, their prayer routine, which is usually helpful, has become too mechanical. And likely, if we cannot keep the routine, we might develop an excuse to not pray. Bottom line, we will not grow if we omit our conversation time with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the faith community, that is the church.

I have been working on a prayer chapel in the back of our property. Part of the challenge for me was to use as many discarded resources, to not make it too close to the house, and to make it small enough to be manageable. I am about 80% finished and it is at a functional level. It is a separate place, set apart from daily routines, to be present and undistracted with God. It is small so it necessitates my being alone. It is basic, filled with natural light, and surrounded by God’s creation. This type of space is holy, where is your sanctuary, how do you feel when you visit holy places. Today is a great time to choose a space that is your place and time to be set-apart, with God.

Prayer is our conversation with God; let it be different from the noise of all other conversations. Typically, we would be having this Lenten journey in a classroom setting at the church, this year or the context is virtual. This difference is a gift when we all it to be used for our Spiritual Growth.  The Old Testament is filled with the custom of prayer taking on the posture of lying face down, prostrate, on the ground as a sign of humility and reverence. We more commonly fold our hands, bow our heads; all these help us to be respectful. Mix it up and try a different posture. Experiment with praying aloud. Write down your prayers on paper. Make time and space to be held for God each day.

Restful Prayer: Try praying with a different posture or location starting today. If you are not praying consistently each day, start right now. No matter your method, prayer is the conversation of speaking AND listening to God. Let’s go.  

Prayer: Lord, get my attention that I might really listen and hear all you have to say to my heart today. Amen. 

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