Day 15: The Humbled Heart

READ: Deuteronomy 8.2 (NRSV)  

God is patient. We are blessed by God’s patience, and hopefully inspired by God’s ability to have more perspective than we have. God waits forty years for these complaining children turn their hearts around and place their trust in God’s plan and God’s timing.

This patience is God process of giving the gift of hope. Not only does God want their minds, hearts, and actions change, God longs for their choices to be a witness to others of relying on God’s strength.

God leads people. God is much more involved that we might see or understand. What a wonder blessing when we see prayers answered, and difficult struggles in the review mirror and see how God was preparing us for the new opportunities in our future.

God is with us and continues to be with us. The wilderness journey is our spiritual journey, these very days that we are living right now. We look back and wish the Hebrews could have not taken forty years to learn faithfulness in such harsh conditions, and yet our individual journey show our ebb and flow of spiritual trust journey.

God’s time matches God’s plans and is resourced by God’s gifts, strengths, and grace. The sooner ‘see the light’ and ‘walk in God’s ways’ our journey become celebration, joy, and faith. If your current situation is not yet in a place of milk and honey, then look at our own spiritual gages of obedience, surrender, and spiritual relationship building. My grand father used to tell us that he would take us to the pool if we would first learn to swim. God does set us up like that. God says, the water is deep, but I am taller, jump in and let’s get going.   

Action Plan: The next time you find a person’s behavior annoying you, remember what it is like to be a child. Like that person our attitudes and behaviors need the attention that the annoying part reveals. Our heavenly father is ready to walk, talk, and send us one step closer today.  

Prayer: Lord, give me patience; even it takes my whole lifetime. Amen. 

frozen wave against sunlight
Finding God’s Heart and presence everywhere. Photo
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