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Day 3: Forty Righteous Persons

At We There Yet

Read: Genesis 18:16 – 29 (NRSV)

Our relationship with God has boundaries and limitations. When our sinfulness and rebellion of God grows, we test limits of God’s love for us. Abraham and Sarah are promised by God to be the founders of a great nation of faithful people. God visits Abraham to make good on his promise and to show them how accountable they will be to live faithfully in relationship with God.

God intends to make an example of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for the people were callus toward one another and God’s righteousness. Their behaviors, customs, and systems reflected living as the antithesis of the relationship God hopes for his people. God promises to destroy them for their transgressions. Abraham stands in the role of one who remembers. He affirms our relationship with God and names God as the Lord of Promises. The Lord is God of Grace and the author of love. Abraham asks, Will you allow those living in relationship with you to perish along with the evil ones?

At one point Abraham says, what if there are forty people out of the thousands who live there, do you care for them? Yes, God cares for them all, and is willing to give them all another chance. As the church we are called to be a great witness of God’s presence in the world. May our faithfulness be true even if we are forty in the face of forty million.

We cannot make the world become righteous. That is Christ’s work through us. We do have the ability and responsibility for our own relationship with God. It is best that we know our journey is meaningful and carries with it the accountability of being among the faithful.

Action Plan: Pray for those who have done acts of evil; pray for the victims of their actions and pray that our voice reminds both.

Prayer: Help us to love our enemies and to pray for your will in their lives. Amen.

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