Camp Glisson Sunday at RSUMC 20150111

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My Glisson Story. Several generations back Tommye McCoy helped church youth gather stones for the rock chapel by Cane Creek Falls at Glisson. Tommye’s daughter Vicky worked as a camp counselor when Glisson begin the Rustic Camping program. Later Vicky’s sons attended as campers and later counselors at Sparrowwood and Village camps. At the right side of the alter in that stone chapel I heard and felt Jesus Christ claim my heart and spirit. Later Vicky’s oldest grand-daughter began at age 4 to attend with her father as T.I.R. at Pioneer/Summit Camp and Susanna continued as a camper each year until her senior year of high school. If you think back about the power of moving a few stones in the wilderness can transform lives for over four generations. The same waters fall over the same rocks, by the same chapel where the same sounds of music, faith and fellowship continue to make a life-change difference in hundreds of campers and their families each year. Will you make a gift that will start a new chain of faith witnesses by the forest of folks who treasure the exponential gifts that make Glisson God’s futile souls for children, youth, young adults, families and grandparents. Don’t let the water pass you or others by. Get into the water and share the story.

Guest speakers, camper and counselor testimonies will be shared.

Join us at RSUMC at 9am via streaming worship and in the sanctuary at 11am

3477 Peavine Road, Rock Spring, GA 30739

Also Join us for January 18th at 6pm for “Back Home” Live in Concert at RSUMC, this is a free concert with all donations supporting sending our community children to experience the power of Camp Glisson. Thanks for your support. See you there!

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