Matthew 4:1-2 “Driven into the Wilderness” A Reflection on Faith in the Wilderness

1 Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. 2 He fasted forty days and forty nights, and afterwards he was famished. [NRSV]

In reflecting on this week of grieving and waking, working and waiting, talking and listening, preparing and planning. I have been carried to the fourth chapter of Matthew on multiple occasions.

There is an uncertainty about the power and presence of the ‘Wilderness’ that confronts and surrounds us.

If a tossing storm of political drama is not enough

There is the uncertainty of jobs, real jobs, to pay real bills and real rent or mortgages.

There are the tentions of waring nations and wrenching of religious lines with chaos and fear

There are dividing communities, parties and sides of the tracks over conflicts new and old

I have found myself lead into yet another fight with the wilderness.

Temptation, testing, and trial abound in the face of grief, fear and the uncertainty of the bounds of life and death.

Strangers and dear friends, family and business folks alike have offered to prayer, often uninvited.

I believe it is out of our common frustration of surviving in the Wilderness that compassion and prayer are being rekindled and reclaimed.

I know without the Spirit speaking through words, songs, prayers and conversations I would have been lost in this ever present wilderness.

But I am not lost. I am tired and weary, but I am found in the heart of Christ and Christ’s people.

I am in the whirlwind of the unknown, yet grounding in the solid fondation of God and God’s people.

I am in Iam, Therefore the wilderness beats at me I am not beaten. Will you join me in the Wilderness. Thank you for those who have taken the journey and for those who invited others to join us in this these wild and weary times.

Thanks be to God.


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