“Prayer for our Daughters and Sons” Oxford College Commencement 2011 John T. Brantley, OX84

A Prayer for our Daughters and Sons

Oxford College Commencement 2011      John T. Brantley, OX84

In this conversation of faith and prayer we reverently invoke almighty aid, asking that our hearts and this hallowed lawn, both be filled with divine joy!

We gather in the Spirit, in the rich uniqueness of individuals and in the blessing of a challenging community to celebrate this day, and these, our daughters and sons.

While this moment might be but a temporary demarcation, it is with sacred anticipation, grateful participation, and deep appreciation that we find ourselves together, here, honoring these emerging leaders, builders, explorers and poets.

We trust these graduates will one day look back upon this event, able to affirm the fruitfulness of dreaming large dreams, the necessary labors of struggle as well as a continued passion for learning and discovery.

Together, may we all find a common, shared life that is far greater than the one we might have hoped to find and more vibrant than the one given by the certainty of change.

We pray with our daughters and sons. Let our lives be, through all our days, filled with the joy we now share. This I ask in the power and grace, our Creator.  Amen.

Our daughter..


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